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There is no such thing as "Bali Kratom"!



Our Cosmic Bali leaf powder (Borneo Red) is harvested from the highest quality leaves from the Kratom tree. Sometimes known as: 'Forever Bali,' 'Ultra Premium Bali,' 'PC Bali,' or 'Old School Bali'. The lower price of this variety of leaf is not determined by quality, which is of the highest, but by its regionally specific trade route. Since there is no such thing as a true 'Bali Leaf,' as many uninformed vendors claim, the truth is that Bali Leaf is in fact most of the time Borneo Leaf with a red vein. It was first made popular by Balinese traders out of their office near Bali (actually in Kuta), which was never actually grown there; despite claims that they had farms there. This is one of our most popular and favorite varieties. 

Check out our Cosmic Bali (Borneo Red) variety here 

Disclaimer: Sold as a bulk botanical ingredient with no directions or claims. Not approved for internal or external use.


Where did Maeng Da Kratom get its name?

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Looking for our COSMIC BALI (Borneo Red)? Available in all sizes.One of the reasons there are so many medicore leaf powders on the market today is that suppliers are pruning young trees so they are easier to harvest. However, a tree that is pruned like this will be stressed, only producing wood for re-growth (since [...]

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